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Book. "Scarred" read online


Emma Louise

Story about:friendship betrayal trust and love, bullying, dark

Age restriction: 18+

39 920

#2666 in Romance

Ongoing: 16 Mar 118 pages

Publication: 11.08.2022 — ...

Description of book "Scarred"


This novel contains scenes of bullying and rape neither of which I condone. If either of there affect you please do not continue to read.

‘Please stop I’ll do anything.’
‘You promised me Lil, you promised me if I made it stop you would give me what I wanted. I done as you asked now you’re giving me what I want in return.’
‘Please Arron I can’t do this anymore I want out.’
‘Do you want them to do it all over agin to you?’
‘No!’ She cried.
‘Well then you have no choice you are mine Lilly whilst you are with me you are safe do you understand?’
‘Yes!’ She cried again.
‘Good now that’s sorted We can continue and you’ll never get hurt again. He said
But she was already hurt, she was scarred not only by him but his freinds too.

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kirtee shinde
23.08.2022, 18:16:15


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