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Scars { I have to survive }

Adeola Anthony

Story about:childhoodrejection, childhood trauma, child abuse

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Description of book "Scars { I have to survive }"

How did my life turn so bad?,so fast,one minute i have a complete family and the next am on my knees begging my own blood not to rape me.

"No please, don't do this to me Aiden, please!" I screamed at the man who I once called ..."Uncle" trying to take advantage of my predicament by having his way with me.

My pleas fell on deaf ears ,he moved forward ,the last few days flashed through my eyes,tiny droplets of tears ran down my puffy cheeks.

"My name is Sapphire, I'm 19years old, I come from a rich royal family of six.My life took a huge devastating turnaround when my family perished in a fire accident, I cried my heart out on this fateful day,the date would be in my head for the rest of my life, "4th October, 2002.


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