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Ongoing: 25 Mar 9 pages

Publication: 02.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "Schizophrenic Devil"

Adam Xavier, a schizophrenic patient and a billionaire, is the worst devil you have imagined walking on earth. He has DEMONS IN HIM,he is paranoid and also powerful. He makes others' lives hell with his actions as according to him "actions speak louder than words and he can't afford wasting his precious words"
Luna Inaaya, a sweet psychiatrist, is hell bent on making schizophrenic patients feel that life also holds a chance for them, they can also trust others ,happiness is also at their doorsteps,they can feel love of others, they can confide in others.
See what will happen when DEVIL's path cross with ANGEL's

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Palos Verdes
23.03.2022, 13:21:05

Interesting Plot! Love it ;)

Passionate Writer
23.03.2022, 13:34:44

Palos Verdes, Thank you...

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