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Second Time's A Charm

Kay Barton

Story about:romance, billionnaire, bwwm

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Publication: 01.12.2018 — 24.12.2018

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Description of book "Second Time's A Charm"

Mikel Rysdale needed an escape after a devastating blow to her heart and lifestyle. Escaping to the one place she was free, she finds the most unlikely person to lean on. And probably a second chance.

Killian Drummond has reached death's doors during his last tour in the middle east and found himself frre to return to life as he knows it. Returning to his small town home, his heart was set on meeting his last relative under the Drummond name. What he didn't expect was meeting the woman who will be his new family and his saving grace from harmful memories.

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June Yula 05.02.2021, 18:27:51

This is a beautiful and wholesome book

June Yula 05.02.2021, 15:29:32

June Yula 04.02.2021, 22:02:30


June Yula 04.02.2021, 19:03:42


June Yula 04.02.2021, 18:51:41

June Yula 04.02.2021, 18:51:16

It keeps getting better

June Yula 04.02.2021, 10:50:19

June Yula 04.02.2021, 10:49:55

June Yula 04.02.2021, 10:37:33

GiveHimPraise 12.01.2021, 01:20:28

I loved this cheesy amazing book.

Truth Untold 04.01.2021, 11:20:28

The story was really beautiful!
"Love" itss not just a word it has a strong emotions behind it! This book showed the emotions so beautifully!
I'm a person who is Nèvér been in love nd probably I won't cozz I don't really believe dt love existsz! But reading this makess me feel it does! Haha! My thoughts are all over d place! Anyways I dono whatss mah future waiting for! Just gonna hope fr d best! Overall this book was simply amazing nd wonderful in itss unique way!
Loved it Thank you!

Katerina Velanis 09.12.2020, 03:04:57

What a beautiful love story. Lots of tears living out both their trauma, but lots of happiness too. Thank you, you really engaged many of my emotions reading this. Totally satisfied.

Divija Muppidi 30.10.2020, 23:07:14

I don't have words to describe it. But I can definitely say that reading this book was a beautiful experience. I've fallen in love with your story since chapter one but as it went on it became even more heartwarming. love you Kay Barton. Expecting lot more wonderful stories from you. ❤❤❤

Riechi Manen 17.10.2020, 12:18:33

second time is really a charm, lovely story and thanks author for your gift❤

Rebi Igenewari 16.07.2020, 18:53:38

nice one..... you're a great writer....i couldn't put it down untill i was done.

Anjy 14.07.2020, 00:41:35

Nice one

Samuel Ede Aja 21.06.2020, 21:47:25

Very interesting

Samuel Ede Aja 21.06.2020, 21:47:25

Very interesting

Samuel Ede Aja 21.06.2020, 21:47:24

Very interesting

Samuel Ede Aja 21.06.2020, 21:47:22

Very interesting

Shanice Burrell 10.06.2020, 01:40:53

I honestly just love Mikel and Killian

Shanice Burrell 10.06.2020, 01:40:53

I love this book

31cce4c321665106 02.06.2020, 21:12:54

this story touched the very core of my heart. We take veterans allover the world for granted. we never take time to understand them and we even wish them away.
we look down upon widows.This book was an eye opener.

HelenOlubunmi Ajani 18.05.2020, 07:52:02

Awesome. Really interesting.

Gigi Jamiro 03.05.2020, 19:45:27

I read this story twice - that's how good it is !

Bohemian at Heart 14.04.2020, 14:29:29

Wow! is all that comes to my mind after finishing reading this one!
Kay, you are such a subtle writer. All the emotions wonderfully woven throughout the story of such beautiful souls! You make me believe in People and the goodness in their heart. Thanks you this amazing gift to your readers! Best wishes and Lots of Love!

Juliet 22.03.2020, 22:49:56

What an awesome book! was on an emotional rollercoaster all through...I smiled, I laughed, I cried, and then, I smiled some more.

Thanks Kay

Izzy 03.02.2020, 15:38:56

Only on chapter 9 but I already love it! Will there be another book?

Amie Knight 23.12.2018, 15:04:34

Killian is suffering

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S. N. Nina Arthur 09.01.2020, 21:36:23

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Peter Andrews 22.12.2018, 16:24:07

nice legs

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S. N. Nina Arthur 09.01.2020, 21:36:14

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Tasha Nickolson 18.12.2018, 18:32:40

so in love

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S. N. Nina Arthur 09.01.2020, 21:35:42

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Natalia Abram 15.12.2018, 12:49:34

love billionaires stories

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S. N. Nina Arthur 09.01.2020, 21:35:30

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Helen Nice 14.12.2018, 13:17:05

very cute

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S. N. Nina Arthur 09.01.2020, 21:35:21

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Jeanette Adams 12.12.2018, 13:19:29

you write very good!

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S. N. Nina Arthur 09.01.2020, 21:35:10

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Olagunju Shakirat 09.01.2020, 00:03:46

wonderful story

Benedicta Emefa Amedeka 04.01.2020, 12:58:48

Anytime I hear Mr Probz nothing really matters it reminds me of your book

Benedicta Emefa Amedeka 25.12.2019, 20:29:55

I really enjoyed this book I didn't want it to end. kudos Killian and Mikel's love has given me hope

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Benedicta Emefa Amedeka 01.01.2020, 15:31:36

S. N , sire I would love to

S. N. Nina Arthur 27.12.2019, 19:06:31

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Valentine Akeno 10.08.2019, 01:46:19

next page please

Kerry Ward 21.01.2019, 13:52:42

will it have the second part?

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Kay Barton 21.01.2019, 17:05:17

Kerry Ward, no second part, sorry

Etz Issa Fortune Chinedum 19.01.2019, 10:20:07


Michael Knight 14.01.2019, 20:15:57

I´ve enjoyed it very much

Jenny 13.01.2019, 15:32:05

very entertaining

Drew 09.01.2019, 20:14:00


Helen Nice 06.01.2019, 23:21:46

I´m impressed with the ending

True Match 30.12.2018, 16:45:08


Jeanette Adams 25.12.2018, 20:53:50

almost finished it

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