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Secret love litigation

Lilith Moon

Story about:boss and secretary, eroticism, jealousy drama love triangle

Age restriction: 18+

33 71

#191 in Romantic erotica
#212 in Contemporary Romance

Ongoing: 21 May 20 pages

Publication: 28.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "Secret love litigation "

Laura wakes up after an accident where she almost loses her life, she doesn't know why the person who caused it did it, and the person who knows the reasons doesn't want to talk.

While she is recovering, her ex-husband and her secret love put her in the dilemma of which one to choose. Her ex has made a radical change and does not remember to tell her that she would return to him, her secret love keeps saying that they are already in a relationship, because those who confirm this relationship are close relatives of his.

What to do: go back and give a chance to the father of your child, or to the person you had a crush on from the first day and then fell in love with little by little?


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