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Secret of the Black Rose

Prada Murthy

Story about:vampire, possessive and loving vampire king, romance

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#4363 in Romance
#619 in Romantic fantasy

On Hold: 15 Mar 33 pages

Publication: 09.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "Secret of the Black Rose"

Having lost her entire family to a vampire's mad bloodthirst, Priscilla, now, loathes all the vampires. Determined to find the murderer, she sets out with the only clue she had found beside her dead mother, a black rose stained with blood.
During a chance encounter, she catches the eye of the vampire king, Arthur himself. Her strong and defiant character attracts the man and now, he wants her at all costs.
Will Priscilla escape from the man's clutches or will she fall for his charms? And most importantly, will she succeed in finding out the vampire who killed her family?
But what happens when she uncovers a truth so gruesome that will leave her in shambles and changes her life forever?
Read on to know how Priscilla will deal with all the troubles and uncover the secret of the black rose.


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Halima Sayed
17.02.2021, 14:23:05

How often do you upload chapters?

Divija Muppidi
12.03.2021, 13:17:30

Prada Murthy, thank you!!

Dream Soul
13.02.2021, 19:39:50

Nice start can't wait to read more

Prada Murthy
15.02.2021, 12:32:16

Dream Soul, Thank you for giving this book a read.

Tabitha Mutashi
13.02.2021, 22:00:28

nice story

Prada Murthy
15.02.2021, 12:31:49

Tabitha Mutashi, Thank you for reading my book.

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