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Publication: 23.06.2020 — 09.08.2020

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Lying and holding secrets comes to us naturally, as natural as breathing and looking on either side of the road before crossing. We all do it to protect ourselves because sometimes the truth can hurt us.

Some are harmless little white lies, but some secrets hide horrible things. Those lies will always come haunting those who seek to keep their lips sealed.

Follow Caroline, Charlotte, Chloe, and Caleb's journey, as their life is turned upside down as they fight to keep their lips sealed about the murder they accidentally committed.

Everyone keeps secrets. Everyone lies.

You better make sure no one saw what you've done before making up your lies because all it takes is one person with the truth on their lips for your life to be destroyed.

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Vijay Kerji 25.08.2020, 15:55:10

wow, wow! Your story doesn't end here! I thought this is the first book and the mystery will be resolved!
I like Catherine-Daniel subplot, but I wonder what made Daneil love her so much! I will definitely read the next book!

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KatherinePetrova 10.09.2020, 18:38:28

Vijay Kerji, Thank you so much. Iam so happy that you came till the end : ) It means a lot to me. Sorry for the late response and Iam going to start reading your book from tomorrow ^_^

Javin 30.08.2020, 04:58:49

I just read the first chapter and it's awwwesome good job

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KatherinePetrova 30.08.2020, 07:46:10

Javin, thank you so much ^_^

Vijay Kerji 18.08.2020, 17:23:44

Interesting turn of events! I never imagined Becca will be murdered by the brother and sisters. Now, the story is clear according to your author summary! Good job!

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KatherinePetrova 18.08.2020, 19:17:52

Vijay Kerji, Thank you so much and yeah sure I already have your books in my library. I will start reading in this week : )

Vijay Kerji 17.08.2020, 16:43:08

I like the party scene! But I wonder if anyone finds who killed Ruby?

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KatherinePetrova 17.08.2020, 18:44:05

Vijay Kerji, : ) thank you and about Ruby, they will find it later.

Vijay Kerji 16.08.2020, 13:36:33

I like the characters conversing with each other. I am past five chapters and awaiting the major twist, the murder. I hope that comes sooner!

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KatherinePetrova 16.08.2020, 16:10:43

Vijay Kerji, Yeahh it will come soon. Thank you so much for reading it : )

Adeyemo Adedamola Ronke 08.07.2020, 16:16:55

Sorry pls aw can I read book 2

The last comment in the thread:

KatherinePetrova 08.07.2020, 16:22:26

Adeyemo Adedamola Ronke, thank you so much for reading book 1. I will update the book 2 soon. your comment and ur reads really means a lot to me : ) : )

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