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Secrets untold by her


Story about:billionaire, indian love story, steamy romance

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"You know what? just leave it! I haven't seen any man like you. Oh sorry! You can't be a man, you're an animal in the name of man. I so wish, that I can go in the past and change everything, that I haven't met you, shouldn't have expected that piggy-ish mail, because of you, my life is wasted, because of-" I couldn't complete myself as the animal in front of me caged me between the wall and none other than himself. In my long-lasting boss-abusing speech, I was so engaged that I didn't know when he started coming towards me and I being stupid, had started going backwards.

when Prisha joins the Malhotra's company, on her first day she found out that her boss is a person with whom she pecks a fight for a silly mistake she has done. now what will happen if her boss makes a deal with her?

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