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Seducing Mr Badmus

Onome Gift

Story about:billionaire, forbidden desire, office romance

Age restriction: 18+

24 197

#399 in Romantic fantasy
#1153 in Billionaires

On Hold: 22 Aug 25 pages

Publication: 08.05.2021 — ...

Description of book "Seducing Mr Badmus"

Katherine has a secret desire for her boss who also happen to be her eldest sister's husband. She has made it her life mission to seduce and get the Mr Badmus who is the CEO of Badmus Construction Company.

Brian Badmus can't help but notice the little signs that his little sister in law is sending his ways. How is he to cope with her constant seduction, especially when his own wife is no longer available for him.

Will this office/family romance work out for them or will it bring down to the entire Family?
Katherine and Brian are about to find out the consequences of a forbidden Romance.


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Onome Gift
07.08.2021, 08:57:35

Thanks for your comment

Bambam Farms
07.08.2021, 04:15:50

A bright initiative that needs to be revisited and polished. A good read

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