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Publication: 29.10.2020 — 06.11.2020

Description of book "Separated In Love"

"I cannot erase you from my heart"

Mae King is a 22 year old Computer Science final year student. She's from a very rich home, popular at school, drives the latest cars, travels the world for vacation, has the bestest friend, Ava Quinn. Her life is pretty perfect.

Ryan Black, popular kid at school, football captain, rich and drives nice cars. He as everything he wants including a best friend, Lucas Hunter. Every girl wants to date Ryan, every boy be him.

Only few people know that Mae and Ryan are married..... but separated

What happens when unexpected news comes their way? Would it bring them together or would it be what tears them apart even further?

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Shreya Singh 05.12.2020, 20:26:21

Its to cute :):):)❤

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Moreni 08.12.2020, 20:12:33

Shreya Singh, Thank you❤️

VAISHALI 06.11.2020, 18:06:08

Hey!! Lovely book

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Moreni 06.11.2020, 20:16:47

VAISHALI, Thank you. ?

Ayinla Ganiyat 03.11.2020, 00:25:57

Can't wait for the next update .. am glued to my phone. Good job!

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Moreni 03.11.2020, 10:12:05

Ayinla Ganiyat, Thank you so much. I am going to update today, do check it out.
Thanks again. I love that you are enjoying the book, means a lot. ❤️

Asritha Pakanati 01.11.2020, 14:56:30

what an interesting story.I love it so far.please update quickly

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Moreni 01.11.2020, 21:46:59

Asritha Pakanati, Thank you so much. I have uploaded a new chapter, do check it out.
Love, Mo ?

Matilda Morgan 01.11.2020, 09:52:31

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VAISHALI 30.10.2020, 17:33:25

Hey!! Nice story.. I love it so far.. Keep writing?

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Moreni 31.10.2020, 21:07:27

Comment has been deleted

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