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Book. "Serena" read online
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#69 in Romantic erotica
#96 in Erotic

Ongoing: 07 Dec 59 pages

Publication: 10.11.2022 — ...

Description of book "Serena"

Serena Lawrence was sent to a Catholic boarding school after the death of her mother and her younger brother, because her father blamed her for the terrible car accident that culminated in the death of these two people that she loved very much. Now after 14 years and already of legal age, Serena finally has her freedom, but accompanied by a sorrowful and sad heart for the abandonment of her father.
What will happen when she finally comes face to face with her father? Will she be able to forgive all those years of abandoning her? Will she be able to win the heart of her beloved?


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Jennifer Zeigler
07.12.2022, 17:51:14

Hahahaha! Serena is such a tease

Jennifer Zeigler
02.12.2022, 06:12:46

Glad that they are now officially together. Anyway, I don’t think that Serena is to blame for the accident. It’s not her fault. And, yes, she has a dirty mouth…lol

Nilde Tomaz
03.12.2022, 05:06:20

Jennifer Zeigler, I am very happy that you are enjoying the book.

Ruth Dionisio
30.11.2022, 17:37:16

nice story line...keep the updates coming...thanks

Nilde Tomaz
01.12.2022, 09:12:38

Ruth Dionisio, Thank you.

Jennifer Zeigler
17.11.2022, 17:48:33

Loved the pet names they have for each other. Thanks author for this update

Nilde Tomaz
18.11.2022, 04:11:09

Jennifer Zeigler, Thank you dear reader.

Jennifer Zeigler
12.11.2022, 04:38:13

Good storyline and nice start of the story

Nilde Tomaz
18.11.2022, 04:10:48

Comment has been deleted

10.11.2022, 16:25:20

Good start.

Nilde Tomaz
11.11.2022, 12:20:33

Piarawrites, Thanks. I will do my best

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