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Description of book "Sex Me "

Y/N : I do my best picking one of you as my husband.
Hoseok: You think I wanna marry you!
Jungkook then placed his hand on my shoulders. Hoseok's arm were crossed.
Namjoon: We all must cooperate if any of you want to in store piece between both kingdoms.
I pushed Jungkook's hands off my shoulders.
Taehyung nodded.
Taehyung: Namjoon is right we all must cooperate.
Yoongi yawned.
Yoongi : I just wanna sleep its like 11 at night.
Jin laughed.
Jimin yawned as well.
Jimin: I'm pretty sure we are all tired lets try getting some sleep.
I nodded and left the room.


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Sanjay Sharma
18.04.2021, 13:12:23

More updates plzz asap borahae

Liang Shuting
18.04.2021, 10:39:19

update plz

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