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Ongoing: 03 Jun 248 pages

Publication: 03.04.2020 — ...

Description of book "Sex or Chocolates?"

Each time that Lara Sevillano sets her foot on the school main building entrance, her feet tends to shudder and froze. Her eyes always roam around in order to avoid his presence. But destiny seems not to side her when he suddenly peeked out from the curving path going to the staircase. She just stood stunned and could not utter a word. He was looking at her clammily and stepped closer,,, he playfully whispered in her ear with a smirk.
"Your message to me last night gave me insomnia."
She felt stagnant for a moment and when she regained conscious, she saw her instructor disappearing.


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Manmeet Kaur
24.12.2020, 08:53:05


10.07.2020, 13:26:16

lhar keeps on learning lessons from the guys first Chris then ken and now John hopefully she finds someone who truly love her

The Fickle minded
17.07.2020, 13:33:25

Gaurangi, Sure! keep up reading dear. There are ample of twists in her life that reader enthusiast like you should not missed. I say thank you so much! for keeping in touch with Lara's story. God bless and keep safe! :)

Reuben peace onyi
30.04.2020, 21:27:42

It's quite interesting.... Can't wait for the next update

The Fickle minded
01.05.2020, 05:00:35

Reuben peace onyi, Hi Reuben,,,! thank you for reading!. The story will be updated today I was just busy doing some important matters the past few days. I hope you keep up reading. God bless and keep safe. ; >

Jenny Pearl Bito-onan
20.04.2020, 18:39:49

i think Kendrick was just playing with her emotions
Too bad, she must have learned a lesson already from her previous marriage, anyways the story still quite interesting,. it suits for college love affairs.

The Fickle minded
20.04.2020, 16:09:53

Jenny Pearl Bito-onan, Hi,,, thank you for reading the story and for the time you spent. I highly appreciate it. As you keep up reading you will understand why and you will encounter a lot of unexpected circumstances. Her dealings with her feelings, the people around her and so on,,,. Over again thank you! Keep safe and God bless.

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