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Shades of Darkness


Story about:dangerous love and dark secrets

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Kelly Jones is an almost perfect high school girl, and even though her parents aren't that rich, they still managed to give her the perfect life. Everything went so well for the family until, her Father's past mistakes came haunting them, costing them their lives. With Kelly, the only one who can get them out of the dangerous situation. But will she give up the one thing that she had worked so hard to keep. Will she let her Father's sworn enemy use her as a replacement for all her father took from him. But one thing was for sure. Aamir Hernandez would never take no for an answer, and either way, he was gonna win....

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lakshita nag 04.09.2020, 17:35:06

when will you update the book?

Mou Santra 31.08.2020, 06:00:41

Plz update

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Diamond sparkles please update

Gracie Ella leonard 23.08.2020, 01:09:32

nice description. please follow me back and check out my new book titled the blessing in disguise or add it in your library, thanks❤❤❤

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Daimondsprinkles 23.08.2020, 09:29:47

Gracie Ella leonard, thanks

Analiza Castor Bargola Joaquin 20.08.2020, 05:44:58

how many days update

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Daimondsprinkles 21.08.2020, 10:19:14

Analiza Castor Bargola Joaquin, 4 days

muthulakshmi G 19.08.2020, 06:36:38


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