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Shadow Love

Cherine Olivier

Series: Blood Secrets Series

Story about:
magic, vampires, witches


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#8 in Dark fantasy
#2 in Urban fantasy

Ongoing: 12 Jul 209 pages

Publication: 16.05.2020 — ...

Description of book "Shadow Love"

Everyone has good and evil inside of them but what if the good wasn’t your own?
A prophecy, a curse and a stranger were all it took to throw her life upside down. Art school was all she ever dreamed of. With her application to a prestigious art school and the future of her career as an illustrator on the line, Raven will do just about anything to make sure she escapes her small town. Dreams can turn into nightmares as a stranger triggers a chain of events to put a spanner in the wheel of her future. Her true nature will be put to the test as anger and darkness wage war on her soul. Light bulbs shattering and freak storms are the least of her problems as her sixteenth birthday approaches. One year older and one step closer to finding out the curse behind her father’s bloodline.

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Julliet Tanya 05.07.2020, 18:47:04

hey Cherine, thanks for the updates. Just yearning for more

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Cherine Olivier 07.07.2020, 20:08:26

Julliet Tanya, Next update coming in hot. Welcome new characters. ;)

Julliet Tanya 26.06.2020, 14:58:14

Even though Raven is a little too bitchy sometimes still loving the book so far. Engaged to Xavier? What a bomb! and you just left me hanging. I'm waiting impatiently for your next update please

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The last comment in the thread:

Julliet Tanya 27.06.2020, 17:20:44

Cherine Olivier, Thanks, I'm waiting

morganthewriter 25.06.2020, 13:36:09

update plsss

The last comment in the thread:

Cherine Olivier 25.06.2020, 13:39:03

morganthewriter, I'm working on that right now. Thank you for the like!

Maya White 21.06.2020, 08:48:31

wish I could read offline

The last comment in the thread:

Cherine Olivier 21.06.2020, 11:30:46

Maya White, I have it flagged for download so I'm not sure why you can't. I'll check it asap and find out what the problem is.

kadian mckenley 12.06.2020, 00:35:13

this book is the best . please update soon

The last comment in the thread:

Cherine Olivier 12.06.2020, 09:40:11

kadian mckenley, Thank you so much

Eva 08.06.2020, 14:33:53

loving the book so far

The last comment in the thread:

Cherine Olivier 08.06.2020, 15:17:36

Eva, Thanks so much!

St John Smith 03.06.2020, 00:02:23

Really enjoying this so far cannot wait to read more. And a big improvement over the original piece. Finding it much more enjoyable. Keep it up....

Kat Morgan 27.05.2020, 09:04:33

Absolutely love the humour in this. I can't wait to find out more.

Melissa Stols 25.05.2020, 05:08:15

hey Cherine, to compare the initial novel to your new piece i can already say the structure and depth is more thorough. The characters and especially the protagonist are described a lot briefer but just enough, short and sweet :) without reading too much i was already drawn and pretty much hooked into where the story was going and where it could even possibly end up. I think your art is a clear and concise reflection of how you see and nurture ideas in your own world. Super proud, cant wait for the whole damn thing x

The last comment in the thread:

Cherine Olivier 25.05.2020, 08:19:24

Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it

Joscelyn R. Green 17.05.2020, 09:51:17

This is a brilliant start to a story. It's gripping and the character is interesting. It sounds like something you might find in the bestseller list of a book store. Keep up the great writing!

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