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Shards of You

Yanina Logvin

Series: Time for bad boys

Story about:good girl, step brother, alpha males

Age restriction: 18+

84 2718

#3421 in Romance
#303 in New Adult & College

Complete 228 pages

Publication: 08.05.2021 — 23.06.2021

Description of book "Shards of You"

Young Lena Holt returns with the mother to her hometown and her stepfather. Now she has a rich house with white columns, the opportunity to go to a good school, and a half-brother, Nicholas, who dislikes her from the first day.
In the house opposite live twin brothers, as different as day and night. Kind Alex immediately becomes Lena's best friend, but his brother Carter is not for nothing called ‘The boy from the dark side of the moon.’ Smart, bold and cynical, he does not let anyone near his heart and is also not happy with a new neighbor.
But what lies behind Carter's hatred? And why is it that the older and more beautiful Lena becomes, the more fiercely he and Nick turn from friends into enemies?


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Спасибо! Грусть. Книга не может так заканчиваться. Буду ждать продолжения.
AND WAIT! The book is super!

Thank you! Nick deliberately turns his friends away from Lena and drives her into loneliness. feeling that he is hunting her

Thank you! Lena is very brave. Will Carter be brave, or will he hide to his dark side?

Lana Del Banana
09.06.2021, 22:36:49

I really liked this story. In it, you can find a whole bunch of different feelings — from the iciest hatred to the hot love that captured the hearts of the main characters. Carter is such a ray of sunshine!!! From the very beginning, he tries to seem so formidable macho (and actually succeeds), but we know that there is so much love in him that there is enough for the whole of Sandfield Rock! And Lena... she's such a fragile little flower. Only she managed to uncover the real Carter. Only she could get to his heart. But not only the main characters in this book have such interesting characteristics! Lena's mom! I'm a fan of her! I think they say "a real woman" about such people. She is always perfect and raised the same daughter. And Mr. Gerald is such a nice bun! How he was embarrassed, then, during the renovation of his house, when his love came to him... I can write a lot more such things about this book because it is definitely worth your time! I advise everyone to read it!

Yanina Logvin
18.06.2021, 01:28:18

Lana Del Banana, thank you so much ♥

Thank you! Of course we must move on, we must allow ourselves to live on. And Lenna and Carter.

Yanina Logvin
18.06.2021, 01:27:58

Светлана Денисова, Thank you so much for the feedback♥!!

Thank you! Lena can't tell Pilar the truth, and she won't believe

Thank you! Unpleasant discovery for Carter. But will he be able to draw the right conclusions?

Thank you! Lena feels trapped. The atmosphere thickens, even the heaviness is felt

Yanina Logvin
31.05.2021, 21:28:07

Светлана Денисова, Yes, Lena is in a difficult situation.
thank you so much ♥

Thank you! Lena and Carter spotted each other, but what do they both do about it?
Nick can no longer restrain himself and becomes dangerous, dangerous for Lena

Thank you! Friends help to forget about troubles, at least temporarily

Thank you! Poor Lena, she is alone with Nick, but the forces are too unequal

Yanina Logvin
26.05.2021, 17:57:52

Светлана Денисова, Thank you so much for the feedback♥!!

Thank you! Lena can not resist neither Carter nor Nick

Thank you! Carter found himself a worthy opponent

19.05.2021, 21:57:16

Such a great book! Waiting for the new chapters!!!

Yanina Logvin
21.05.2021, 11:04:44

Olek, thank you so much ♥

Thank you! Both Carter and Lena have one pain, but it is not for two, but each has its own

Yanina Logvin
21.05.2021, 11:04:12

Светлана Денисова, Thankss ((❤))

Thank you! Children grew up, worries grew

Yanina Logvin
17.05.2021, 11:07:23

Светлана Денисова, Thank you so much for the feedback♥!

Thank you! Nobody and nothing can drown out Carter's pain

Darlina Dem
14.05.2021, 00:28:03

What a fabulous reading omg. I almost forgot what it feels like to be constantly taken by the throat with the tension that the plot provided. Just as Edward said this is y personal brand of heroin now.

Yanina Logvin
14.05.2021, 11:03:06

Darlina Dem, let's hope for that :) Thank you so much!

Yanina Logvin
14.05.2021, 11:01:19

next updated

13.05.2021, 19:26:32

Just finished reading the 7th chapter and I'm already looking forward to the next ones, the story is so exciting!

Yanina Logvin
14.05.2021, 10:58:47

DARY JOSTEN, thank you so much ♥

Lana Del Banana
13.05.2021, 19:17:51

That's an awesome book! I already could see some hints and foreshadowing. I hope they'll be together. Btw, I already can see the antagonist of this story - Nick. He's such a piece of garbage(((

Yanina Logvin
14.05.2021, 10:56:47

Lana Del Banana, Thankss❤

Thank you! Really dark side, very dark

Yanina Logvin
14.05.2021, 10:53:54

Светлана Денисова, Thank you ♥)

Thank you! This is very important if at least one person believes in you, even if you do not admit it.

Yanina Logvin
11.05.2021, 12:19:57

Светлана Денисова, Thank you so much for the feedback

Versaviya Zaviazun
10.05.2021, 16:41:06

I am very excited about the story, looking forward to new chapters!

Yanina Logvin
11.05.2021, 09:52:02

Versaviya Zaviazun, Thank you♥

Thank you! The dark side is certainly interesting but dangerous

Yanina Logvin
10.05.2021, 12:27:57

Светлана Денисова, Thank you so much)


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