Book. ""Share Your Toys, Timothy!"" read online

"Share Your Toys, Timothy!"

Tony Spencer

Story about:romance drama, integrity, honour

Age restriction: 18+

4 18

#225 in Romantic suspense
#330 in Contemporary Romance

Complete 142 pages

Publication: 23.04.2022 — 01.05.2022

Description of book ""Share Your Toys, Timothy!""

Timothy Smith grew up in a large and poor family, with two younger boisterous brothers who often broke their toys and his toys. Everything in the family tended to be handed down from eldest to youngest, so if when he tried to deny them access to his precious toys, his exasperated mother was often drawn into pleading with Timothy to share his toys so that she could get some peace.

As an adult, Timothy was a man of integrity, who would give his friends the shirt off his back if it would help, but he still hated to share his toys.


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