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Book. "She Is Sweet And Psycho" read online

She Is Sweet And Psycho

Syanja J

Story about:psychopath, dark past, hatered.

Age restriction: 18+

15 12

#217 in New Adult & College
#323 in Thrillers & Suspense

On Hold: 04 Jun 8 pages

Publication: 04.06.2022 — ...

Description of book "She Is Sweet And Psycho"

Chan Seong-Gi has been through a lot in her life. She is sweet to those who are close to her, but deep down she is a Psychopath who tolerates no one hurting her loved one. Seong-Gi has her way of teaching them a salutary lesson. She has anger issues, and she gets scared to get close to anyone, but there is someone who wants her attention. Wong Jong-Ho is a South Korean boy who transferred to her college. He liked her dark sides as well. He loved her as she was, but she never paid attention to him. Seong-Gi didn't want to hurt him because of her psycho side. Once she gets too close to anyone, she makes her way to control them. In her life, there are so many mysteries: pain, love, hurt, hate, tears, and fears, and Wong Jong-Ho has to face all of them.


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