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Description of book "Shells"

Marvin is promoted to the Dream Police After accidentally detaining a “Shell”, an object from a dream that is no longer being rendered by the dreamer. They have no personality or soul, as everything about them was being given life constantly by the dreamer. He must travel between dreams, destroy nightmares and dangerous ideas whilst trying to find out why the shell he killed managed to get out of its dream, in an epic tale of guns, grit, and law and order.


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Celeste I.
03.08.2019, 10:01:08

Just a heads up, you should add a paragraph for every time a different character speaks, that'd make it easier to read and get invested. I'm not sure about the character dynamics yet, the pacing is a little too fast, and the tone, seems off and mean-spirited for my liking, but that's just me, I'm sure not many people will notice or mind the tone all that much, and I'm sure things can pick up afterword.

I think this has potential, the main character's got some snark and sass to him (which I like), that one guy that stood up for the lead and Grouchy Pants have the potential to be interesting and compelling as well, just like Marvin, and I like the premise. Keep up the good work~

Celeste I.
02.12.2019, 08:50:14

Comment has been deleted

26.07.2019, 05:01:24

nice one ! and nice start ... wish you the best mate ^^

Roza Csergo
22.07.2019, 20:59:38

A fast-paced and funny read.
I really enjoyed it the second time through as well.
The story comes to life like an animation.
Keep updating.

Roza Csergo
20.07.2019, 09:23:20

An interesting and funny read. Hope you upload more chapters.
Added it to my library and followed you.

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