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She's My Kind Of Country


Story about:lesbian, lesbianromance, lesbianfiction

Age restriction: 18+

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#1388 in Romance
#41 in LGBT

Complete 84 pages

Publication: 12.05.2022 — 12.05.2022

Description of book "She's My Kind Of Country"

A time and place for a new spark of romance. Amber felt lonely when she lost her wife Sarah to cancer. That all changed when she met this redheaded woman Natalie that brought everything pure light into their new found life. Amber suffers a lot of problems that leads to Natalie being unsure and where she would stand in Amber's life. Until they are both met with one big problem, Sarah is alive and is on the verge to ruin everything both Amber and Natalie have worked for to stay together.

Love, Lie, and Trust are built into this book as we discover what lies ahead for our ladies on this wild adventure into the Country.


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