She's my sister


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Description of book "She's my sister"

She's my sister

(My twin sister)

author - Eniola


My life is such a mess how can someone be this heartless by kidnapping my twin brother in the sake of protecting her marriage
Now we are both in love with each other
We are twin but got separated by fate but this fate brought us together as lovers
How could he be my twin brother when we are both from different parent

This is the fate of a girl min young who fell in love with her brother
The only daughter of Mrs seok

She attended a very popular school in Korean

The Flower Boys

Seo kang the leader of The Flower Boys a billionaire son, very handsome. He is the only child of his parents. A player and very arrogant

Seung heon also a billionaire son. He very handsome, have a soft heart but never believe in love

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