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Book. "Siena Manuellis" read online

Siena Manuellis

Siena Manuellis

Story about:family money, romance love

Age restriction: 18+

9 11

#1975 in Billionaires
#849 in Romantic suspense

On Hold: 03 Dec 15 pages

Publication: 03.12.2020 — ...

Description of book "Siena Manuellis"

Harmattan Bride is a tale of love set in LAGOS and Warri Nigeria. 29 year old Dolores Bakpa, fondly called Dolby is a writing professional with the assignment to capture the biograpghy of industrialist and billionaire Chief Ikuefe. She is brought down to his home in an all expense paid trip and has no idea that the supposed handy man who picks her up from the airport is Chief Ikuefe's first son and heir Henry. To tell a delicate part of his story Chief Ikuefe must go to his hometown in Ovwian to retrieve the information he needs to complete the story. Dolby goes on a secret mission to the village. Henry scared that she is missing goes after her. He falls in love with Dolby and there is a billionaire wedding in the peak of the harmattan season hence she becomes the 'Harmattan Bride'.


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