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Hinata has a lot of friends on the volleyball team including the old third-year volleyball players and second years. But then feelings are developed for him. And he has no clue! And What about the new first years that just came in which Hinata gets to Babysit. Their now official captain Ennoshita Is on a vacation Brazil so Hinata is his sub in. So how will the boys get close to Hinata well he is off hanging with the first years. (Who have their own secrets)

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tododeku 06.02.2020, 05:16:43

Just so all of you know I can't post as much anymore but I will make sure what I do post from now on is good content. And by that, I mean not as many spelling errors and better spacing between my writing. It was all mumbled together and nasty.plz don't hate tho it's my first official book on this app.Thanks?

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