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Publication: 15.01.2020 — 25.01.2020

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Long ago, in a world parallel to our own, humans lived in constant fear of the nocturnal beasts that we only know as demons. Living under the protection of the angels, it seemed like the world was living in peaceful tension. However, when the demons finally took control, nearly wiping out any and all creatures that could stand up to them, they ruled the realms with an iron fist. Angels were scarce and anyone who descended from them were walking targets or became slaves to the demons. After generations of preparation and determination, an organization known as the Haven finally established an elite group called the Guardians to fight against the ever-growing population of demons.

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Izzy 13.02.2020, 06:00:57

just begun reading this story (only on chapter 6), but very exciting so far. Gonna add it to my library:)

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SavannahGeorgia 13.02.2020, 06:25:08

Thank you. I really appreciate it. =)

Celeste I. 13.02.2020, 02:48:12

Ok, where to start?

I like how suspenseful and exciting the story's been, not to mention; you take good advantage of the war between the humans and the demons that roamed the Earth.

It took me a while to pinpoint who the leads were at first, but I figured it out eventually. I like the characters in this. You get a sense of camaraderie and can tell these guys have known each other for a long time, been through thick and thin, and poke fun of one another, but still care for each other's wellbeing. Iris is pretty cool, and she's also got some heart and sass to go along with it.

The other good guys don't get much screen time, but you can tell what their personalities are like, and what their relationship with the leads are.

I also like Sean, Eris, and Ria as characters. Even though the way they come together is a bit rushed IMO, they still have chemistry, you almost think they've known each other for a long time, and bounce off each other great. I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed Sean, especially. He can be full of himself, but he means well, knows when to take situations seriously, and backs up his pride with how well he does at missions via fights and planning.

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SavannahGeorgia 13.02.2020, 06:24:45

Thanks a lot. I wrote this story back in high school, about seven years ago at this point. It’s one of my earliest writings and my first attempt at fantasy for a younger audience. I never ended up going back to It lol, I just put it here as a joke to see how people would react. The original plan was to have 15 entries all under 30000 words, like little episodic stories. Never got around to it because I had no idea how to world build or expand a large scale plot yet. Fantasy is arguably my weakest point by every stretch. This is the only book I ever wrote in the series.

However, I’m planning out a new fantasy series right now, albeit on a far lesser scale. I’ll post a chapter tonight to get some early reactions now that a few people have asked for me to return, which is really really really touching. I’m so appreciative. That went longer than expected but I hope that makes sense =)

Goo Jim 25.01.2020, 21:00:33

hope you will overcome your block period and will write new stories

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Goo Jim 26.01.2020, 15:18:18

SavannahGeorgia, yes, please, we are waiting for you!

Dorian Early 17.01.2020, 12:02:26

Ria can't leave

Jeffrey Nighty 15.01.2020, 14:02:36

not so short:)

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SavannahGeorgia 16.01.2020, 22:07:39

The main issue is that the other genre it is also places it under an incorrect genre. Idk why supernatural is only considered a mystery, but we work with what we got.

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