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Sleight of Hand

Auburn Snowhite

Story about:erotic, magician erotica, romantic erotica

Age restriction: 18+

115 627

#803 in Contemporary Romance
#107 in Erotic/Sexual Fantasy

On Hold: 23 Apr 29 pages

Publication: 09.04.2020 — ...

Description of book "Sleight of Hand"

A renowned magician, Blaze, shows his holiday home in Devon to a young lady, Sadie, eager for a summer break. In this short story, smouldering sexuality is the spell that makes her buckle beneath his blazing allure. His sleight of hand and his virile wand levitates the two of them to sexual-frustration-exorcistic — or rather, 'sexorcistic' — heights...

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10.04.2020, 11:34:08

Hi! Some friendly advice. Books with covers attract more readers.

Auburn Snowhite
17.05.2020, 03:49:50

AnnaRCase, That is a good idea. Thank you. :)

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