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Smitten by the Billionaire

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Series: Smitten by the Billionaire's Son

Story about:firstlove, office romance

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Ongoing: 02 Mar 48 pages

Publication: 08.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "Smitten by the Billionaire"

Five years ago, Ethan had made a promise to Claire.

Now, she was working as an intern at Entertainment Weekly with a bright career ahead of her, and he was... nowhere to be found.

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Mansi Khatri 01.03.2021, 16:39:54

please update

CA Via 19.02.2021, 15:08:36

This story is now on bookscription! But don't fret since you can reload your wallet for free by doing tasks for BookNet: :) I will also soon be giving out discounts and promo codes so stay alert for announcements!

Ginny Pestano 19.02.2021, 11:10:15

Comment has been deleted

Rupamjha 17.02.2021, 09:27:47

update next please

Priya Basak 16.02.2021, 20:48:33

Now her suppressed emotions are showing up

Anishika Singh 16.02.2021, 05:53:29

Comment has been deleted

Jessica v 13.02.2021, 06:06:10

Dear author, happy to let you know that i am totally smitten with this story and would love to know what happens further please do not put the book on subscription, i would be disheartened to not finish the story, being a writer i understand how we want to grow, but at the same time we would love to see the happy faces reading our book. we will stand by your final decision.

Marta Cruz 12.02.2021, 09:04:56

I love your book and will support you, I don't have money to buy, but I used tasks to reload my wallet and bought a lot of books. Don't listen to anybody, go to your dream and make the decision you want, don't expect readers will say they want this book paid, just do it and see who supports you ❤️❤️

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Marta Cruz 12.02.2021, 16:01:46

Marta Cruz, ❤️❤️

Caroline Arthur 12.02.2021, 02:49:35

Hello author, thanks for asking about our opinion on the subscription.
Please my request is don't put it on sale because some of us will not be able to finish it.
We will still support the final decision you will make for this book

Naaz Patel 11.02.2021, 18:11:14

dear author, I love this book and want to read the complete story of Claire and Ethan. This is an amazing story. Plz don't make it paid. This is my humble request to you..... keep writing

Ginny Pestano 11.02.2021, 17:49:24

I really love this story but won't be able to continue reading it anymore if you put it for book subscription.

Anishika Singh 10.02.2021, 18:07:27

Loved it.... update sooon?

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CA Via 11.02.2021, 06:31:17

Anishika Singh, updates every monday and wednesday! :))

Priya Basak 11.02.2021, 02:33:04

This'll be tough for her

Priya Basak 08.02.2021, 20:07:45

It's really tough to hide emotions... Claire is doing a tough job... Looking forward to it

Ginny Pestano 08.02.2021, 09:12:42

So glad i found this re-published version..update soon please.

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