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Book. "Snowflake" read online
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#246 in Thrillers & Suspense
#2313 in Romance

On Hold: 23 Nov 0 pages

Publication: 30.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "Snowflake"

This story is about a billionare woman, Eva Anderson, who loved a man once, named Alaric Dawson, but his status didn't matched with Eva's class, her family didn't allow to marry the love of her life. She is now a cold hearted woman, who doesn't love anyone anymore. Stefen Wilson, an employee in her multinational company, loves Eva secretly but she has no idea about it. Stefen is a hardworking employee, has a little sister and an old mother in his house. Whereelse Eva is focused on her work and doesn't want to give any second chances to love. Love for her, is now just an imaginative world where she dwells, but it's unknown for her. She fails to erase the memories of Alaric from her mind, would she be able to love anybody ever again?
Eva - 24 years
Stefen - 23 years
Alaric - 26 years


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