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So-Called 'accidents'


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Description of book "So-Called 'accidents'"

Hannah Griffin was the only one insane enough to believe her family was not lost in random accidents. Or was she holding on to anything instead of giving in to pain? Obviously no one believes her. Hell, she doesn't believe herself. But she's willing to try anything if it means the deaths would hurt less.
What if she's right? What if she's wrong? What if the burried secrets in the country side, best kept burried? Will Hannah discover something? Or will she make something up to bury her pain? Or will death catch up to her like it did with her family before she can do anything? Read this totally twisted, book of insanity to find out.

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Luna 07.07.2020, 17:16:24

"Now, why is my little brother becoming paranoid like his sister?"
"Hey your not that paranoid."
"Uh-unh, I sneak into my friends' houses through their windows, I planned to break into the police station and, oh, I almost forgot, I thought my brother was dead until I met him."

Roza Csergo 02.07.2020, 17:10:11

Great start... Keep the updates coming.

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Luna 02.07.2020, 17:34:04

Roza Csergo, Sure will, thx ~♥~

Ryo Francis 26.06.2020, 17:05:39

(1). Definitely, it's your writing coz this is again so easy to read — good job
(2). Liking your sense of humor = charming characters
(3). Clever way of inserting your other short story into this story line :)

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Luna 02.07.2020, 16:33:56

Comment has been deleted

Rajeswari 25.06.2020, 20:39:07

Very interesting... can't wait to see what happens next.. good going Luna...loved it

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Luna 26.06.2020, 07:49:40

Rajeswari, Thx ^_^

Meghana Rella 25.06.2020, 05:34:29

Brilliant writing, a story which will keep me waiting till the end.

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Luna 25.06.2020, 05:38:37

Meghana Rella, Thank you luv :)

Luna 24.06.2020, 18:36:26

This is my second book. Honestly, I did plan anything, just going with the flow. Hope u like it though ? :)

Nia Brown 24.06.2020, 14:06:31

Wow nice start. I already love it ~♥~

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Nia Brown 24.06.2020, 14:24:53

Luna, Sure will ^_^

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