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Socially Inactive


Story about:humor and love

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On Hold: 19 Jun 7 pages

Publication: 19.06.2022 — ...

Description of book "Socially Inactive "

Emma come on you can do this "he said
" Please anything but that ok i just don't feel comfortable approaching her "i murmed,
"What is so bad just go over to hailey and say your name he replied",
"But.....she didn't ask for my name why should i tell her i said again feeling intimidated by his presence".

"This is your first lesson so you have to do it now he said squeezing my hand for reassurance .
I looked at hailey leaning on her locker with her phone in her hands looking gorgeous as ever with straight blonde hair, and mesmerizing green eyes that could catch anyone's attention. I am strong i kept saying to myself.
"Ok Aaron i'm going in wish me luck?
"You don't need luck Emma no one should intimidate you ok be strong.
Easy for you to say i thought while heading over.

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