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Anamel Aleta

Story about:highschool, paranomal, thriller

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8 10 2007

#83 in Paranormal
#167 in Suspense

On Hold: 13 Sep 72 pages

Publication: 05.07.2019 — ...

Description of book "Sognore"

In a small, crime ridden town called Sognore, high schooler Mateo Torres' mind becomes his doom. Faced by strange memories and illusions, he battles for dominance. What will happen when reality and illusion become one?

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Sharon Brooke 25.07.2019, 13:44:52

what a strange creature

Roza Csergo 05.07.2019, 11:17:18

Interesting storyline and well written.
I added it to my library and followed you.

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Anamel Aleta 16.07.2019, 00:49:49

Roza Csergo, glad you like it!

(just figured out how to reply to people on this site, lol.)

Jenna Saren 12.07.2019, 23:37:35

what a nice plot

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Anamel Aleta 16.07.2019, 00:49:24

Jenna Saren, thank you!

Lizzie Dunlap 11.07.2019, 23:46:31

don´t cry poor boy

Michelle Shelburn 10.07.2019, 20:23:47

publish more chapters

Tim Lawson 07.07.2019, 18:42:11


Peter Bishop 06.07.2019, 18:10:46


Mark Pearson 05.07.2019, 14:11:43

excited to read more

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