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Publication: 04.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "Sold to a Mafia"

To him,her freedom is given.

In his hands, lies her world.

He own's her.

She belongs to him.

Her name is Ashley Alvaro , she's innocent, simple good-looking, blonde, works hard to earn a living for herself and her sister. She's unfortunately the daughter of a drug addict who goes around borrowing money.

Alessandro Carlos, a young supercilious, cold-hearted mafia alpha king who gets what he wants at the detriment of anything or anyone.

What happens when she's been sold out by her father to the mafia king as a collateral for the money he owes?

Would she survive!!???

What would be her outcome!!??


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Adalyn Stock
26.11.2020, 01:44:22

Please Update Love the book so far btw

Joane Catarata
13.11.2020, 14:28:58

pls update

Adeola Anthony
04.11.2020, 11:27:47

Please follow her for more and quick update ❤️❤️

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