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Someone to Watch Over Me


Series: Watch Over

Story about:college, contemporary romance, pregnancy

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#26 in New Adult & College
#401 in Romance

Complete 265 pages

Publication: 15.12.2018 — 27.08.2019
Contests: Campus Romance

Description of book "Someone to Watch Over Me"

For as long as Cat Fischer could remember it was Liam and Cat, Cat and Liam. So in love since High School, neither of them dreamed of attending different universities. Now reaching graduation Cat discovers she's pregnant, and Liam chooses to have nothing to do with her or the baby.

As a favor to a friend Alex Bragin gives Cat a place to stay for the night. However, as he learns more about her situation he wishes to offer her so much more.

Cat is heartbroken. She's grateful for Alex and his offer but through a misunderstanding, she believes him to be in love with her best friend, William.

Will Liam make a mends? Will Cat discover the truth? Will Alex make his intentions clear? To find out you must read. Someone to Watch Over Me. a New Adult, College Romance by Ruechari.


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06.07.2021, 22:39:18

thanks alot it's a very beautiful book

Ruechari guru
07.07.2021, 23:46:56

Jackie, Thank you for taking the time to tell me that : )

Belle Simpson
27.06.2021, 10:02:24

Why do I feel Alex is falling for her? I'd like to know what he confessed to William about her.

Ruechari guru
27.06.2021, 14:56:00

Belle Simpson, Me too, but as this book is from Cat's POV, I'm not sure if we'll get to learn that information.

Belle Simpson
27.06.2021, 08:18:13

Take it one day at a time, with 3 good people caring for you, you and the baby will be ok.

Ruechari guru
27.06.2021, 14:55:11

Belle Simpson, I'm sure Cat would appreciate that.

Belle Simpson
27.06.2021, 08:00:46

Are you sure Alex is gay? Not because he is friends and care for William that he is one..

Ruechari guru
27.06.2021, 14:54:45

Belle Simpson, You may be right.

Belle Simpson
27.06.2021, 07:44:51

To have 2 friends on your side when you're in need, how precious.

Ruechari guru
27.06.2021, 14:54:34

Belle Simpson, Thank you!

27.06.2021, 14:46:21

Very nice romantic pieces of writing.

Ruechari guru
27.06.2021, 14:54:10


Daisy Claudius
13.06.2021, 17:17:02

I love this story Rue, and I love you

Ruechari guru
14.06.2021, 00:00:44

Daisy Claudius, You're too sweet. Thank you!

Lamia Perveen
05.05.2021, 20:55:57

omg what a beautiful story!
it kept me so emotional from the beginning to the end, loved every part of the story. Thank you so much for a wonderful novel. God bless you!

Ruechari guru
06.05.2021, 00:07:07

Lamia Perveen, Thank you so very much for your wonderful compliment!

Vanessa Viret
27.04.2021, 17:08:50

This is by far the best online book I've read so far!! I can't wait for the next one.

Ruechari guru
28.04.2021, 19:01:05

Vanessa Viret, Thank you so much! You're compliment made my day!

Shaheen Sadeka
19.02.2021, 11:30:59

Very nice story.

Ruechari guru
20.02.2021, 02:27:29

Shaheen Sadeka, Thank you very much!

Kajal Sunar
11.02.2021, 13:29:39

This is a great story, your writing style and description in chapters is brilliant. I love the plot of this story and it always makes you want to keep reading to find what can happen next. The characters' personalities are great, and the way you portray them in each chapter is amazing! Would definitely recommend it to others and I can't get over Alex! So, already saved the sequel in my library.

Ruechari guru
11.02.2021, 17:42:00

Kajal Sunar, Thank you for your wonderful words! I hope you enjoy the next book as much as you have this one.

08.02.2021, 07:23:32

Just started reading this and anything that references Fried Green Tomatoes is stellar!!!

Ruechari guru
08.02.2021, 19:43:03

Evilsparklenyc, LOL! Thank you!

Joy Villarino
02.02.2021, 22:54:33

cant get enough of the story and both cat & alex!

Ruechari guru
04.02.2021, 00:32:21

Joy Villarino, Thank you so much!

Paru Regon
31.01.2021, 12:52:27

eagerly waiting for the next part

Ruechari guru
31.01.2021, 19:35:32

Paru Regon, Thank you!

Bhawani Singh
30.01.2021, 09:28:46

when will next part come , miss ruechari ❤️❤️

Ruechari guru
30.01.2021, 17:03:32

Bhawani Singh, The next part is already out. You'll find it on my profile. SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER YOU.

18.01.2021, 19:34:34

Amazing book

Ruechari guru
20.01.2021, 02:26:06

GiveHimPraise, Thank you ever so much!

16.01.2021, 21:59:17

I know I commented before, but this book made me want to ask you inappropriate questions surrounding your past (edited so as to not give a spoiler). My heart was in my throat for your MC when the scumbag boyfriend said to do what he did! You captured the feeling of that tension beautifully!

Ruechari guru
16.01.2021, 23:02:21

SESaunders, You're welcome. And thanks for reading : )

Judith Okorie
15.01.2021, 00:47:59

Lovely stories
Thank you

Ruechari guru
15.01.2021, 05:19:32

Judith Okorie, You're welcome!

Rinat Dequcinis
08.01.2021, 22:21:41

Great story well written

Ruechari guru
13.01.2021, 10:06:10

Rinat Dequcinis, Thank you!

Rebecca Hila
13.01.2021, 05:17:21

nice teenage story

Ruechari guru
13.01.2021, 10:06:02

Rebecca Hila, Thank you.

Nitu Singh
01.01.2021, 13:44:15

Great Story!

Ruechari guru
01.01.2021, 21:03:27

Nitu Singh, Thank you so much!

Sofia Carmelita Resurreccion
01.01.2021, 09:49:34

I am excited to read this story.

Ruechari guru
01.01.2021, 21:03:18

Sofia Carmelita Resurreccion, I'm so glad. I hope you enjoy it.

italy galang
31.12.2020, 07:10:42

This is an amazing book! Kudos to the writer for writing this wonderful story! Hooked from Book 1 to Book 2! Hoping to read more of your creations!

Ruechari guru
31.12.2020, 21:23:06

italy galang, Thank you very much!

Shalom Kolawole
18.12.2020, 13:19:33

This novel is mind-blowing kudos to the author

Ruechari guru
18.12.2020, 17:44:10

Shalom Kolawole, Thank you so MUCH!!!

14.12.2020, 11:38:35

Beautiful story, don't we just love Alex, ay Cat, you are one brave and determined young woman. Thanks William for helping these 2.

Ruechari guru
14.12.2020, 13:09:27

ITUMELENG NKONYANE, Thank you so much!

19.11.2020, 00:08:17

This is a magnificent work you've done here please keep it up for this sort of masterpiece is needed everywhere. You are a highly skilled author and I urge you to keep up the good work and whatever you do please do not copy the trends of good girls falling for bad boys, trust me it's disgusting :)

13.12.2020, 09:43:44

Ruechari, That's very good to hear, once again keep up the good work

12.12.2020, 21:18:36

I have started reading your story and your selection of words is too good. In chapter nine when William says, "biology doesn't make a man into a father" sank in so deep. And later when Cat says something like, ' life is not all about what we deserve' truly made me a big fan of yours.

Ruechari guru
13.12.2020, 00:30:33

Mahaa, Thank you! Sometimes my own life philosophies slip into my stories from time to time. I'm glad the story spoke to you.

Pesh Gitonga
01.12.2020, 15:20:53

Woooooow...... beautiful story

Ruechari guru
01.12.2020, 18:40:00

Pesh Gitonga, Thank you!

Paul Upasana
17.11.2020, 11:18:23

the name is really weird "CAT"

Paul Upasana
30.11.2020, 06:48:23

Ruechari, ooohhh thank you so much for the explanation and the other parts are soo good and the best part was the Valentine's gift from Alex I just loved it

Paul Upasana
29.11.2020, 19:20:19

Just wanna kill that Jenny

Paul Upasana
30.11.2020, 06:46:37

Ruechari, yeah but if I would be that Cat I would surely kill both of them Liam and Jenny

Priya Basak
29.11.2020, 14:15:57

It was just awesome. I loved it too much!!! Eagerly Waiting for the next part.

Ruechari guru
29.11.2020, 14:27:12

Priya Basak, The next part has already begun. You will find on my profile page SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER YOU, which picks up the story but from Alex's point of view.

Gee L
29.11.2020, 10:52:06

Nice story. Thanks author. What I really love about this story is all about common people falling in love. It's relatable. No poor girl - rich guy story. It's kind of the usual in novels that one is super rich but it's not how reality works. Thanks author. I enjoyed reading it. Waiting for part 2 to be done and I will get on with it too.

Ruechari guru
29.11.2020, 14:26:02

Gee L, Thank you! I love to write about real-life even if it's fictional. You will find the same theme through all my stories be it Historical, YA, Paranormal, or even the new Billionaire story I entered into the contest. I made both of them Billionaires so they are on equal ground and now it's just a story, (hopefully a good one : ) lol). The next book will be ready and waiting for you. Can't say when it will complete though.

Akomo Martha
29.11.2020, 11:04:44

this is everything... wow
I love this book

Ruechari guru
29.11.2020, 14:16:09

Akomo Martha, Thank you so much!

Priya Basak
29.11.2020, 11:56:40

Goosshhh!!! I'm loving your story

Ruechari guru
29.11.2020, 14:15:53

Priya Basak, Thank you!

Sita Jainauth
21.11.2020, 20:24:19

I love reading.... and this is one of the most amazing book I have ever read

Ruechari guru
28.11.2020, 06:02:27

Sita Jainauth, Thank you!

26.11.2020, 12:12:08

actually I'm this book at some point I became each character trying to understand those emotions and that's what makes the book so irresistible and captivating congratulations big up❤️

Ruechari guru
26.11.2020, 15:59:34

Kenei Violet, Thank you! I really love that you could connect with the characters. I try my best with each novel to write "real" people, even though they are completely fictional. So, thank you for sharing that with me.

Anileve Lenoroc
25.11.2020, 13:37:41

I love the story, no boring chapters, unique presentation of characters. I'm waiting for book 2, please!!!!!!!

Ruechari guru
25.11.2020, 13:47:33

Anileve Lenoroc, Book to in out and available to read right now. You'll find it on my profile. Someone To Watch Over You - it is ongoing so it's not complete but I try to update once a week in fact I just updated it yesterday. Hope you enjoy : )

Agnes Anteyi
24.11.2020, 11:17:16

what about the season 2 ♥️♥️

Ruechari guru
24.11.2020, 11:41:03

Agnes Anteyi, Already available on my profile. The story is called Someone To Watch Over You and it is free to read. This book is still ongoing.

Shalie Ballerta
23.11.2020, 01:14:02

Great story I love it!

Ruechari guru
23.11.2020, 01:24:01

Shalie Ballerta, Thank you the story continues with Someone To Watch Over You. That story is ongoing and free if you'd like to continue to learn more about Alex and Cat.

Esoj Nayalugap
21.11.2020, 20:07:53


Ruechari guru
22.11.2020, 02:00:42

Esoj Nayalugap, Thank you!

Chhaya Sabnani
11.11.2020, 11:37:09

Hey!!!waitinggg for next series of this book!???

Ruechari guru
15.11.2020, 14:48:18

Chhaya Sabnani, Third part!!! I just started the second. Gotta finish that first, but I actually have an idea for a third and fourth part. So just keep reading and we'll get there together.

Rangeeta Yadav
06.11.2020, 15:10:39

it's just dahh best book ever...not comparable to any book....I've read it several times and still can't get over it....hats of to u ruechari....thank u so so so much for writing this u

Rangeeta Yadav
07.11.2020, 06:32:05

Ruechari, wlcm:)

Sweets Spark
06.11.2020, 08:29:57

such an awesome story which is unforgettable!!!

Ruechari guru
06.11.2020, 15:34:26

Sweets Spark, I'm so glad to know you enjoyed it!

Derrick Watson
05.11.2020, 03:24:37


Jennifer Oweikeye
04.11.2020, 22:16:08


Ruechari guru
05.11.2020, 00:12:49

Jennifer Oweikeye, Thank you!

ani Arora
27.10.2020, 22:24:19

Its hard to find words to express gratitude for writing such a awesome story.. with so much emotions and things to smile on.. it's awesome.. great job..well done.. keep it up

ani Arora
31.10.2020, 01:55:20

Ruechari, no problem .. please take care.. and let me know if u need someone to rant about it .I got all ears

29.10.2020, 03:41:43

Is this reading site (Booknet) free reading or a read-for-a-fee site?

Ruechari guru
30.10.2020, 03:05:07

GraceAngelina, Most of the bookS are free to read. There are a few stories that you can purchase As either a complete download or bookscription.

Priyadarshini Panigrahi
29.10.2020, 11:28:46


Ruechari guru
30.10.2020, 03:03:03

Priyadarshini Panigrahi, Thank you!

Kennedy Mwongera
26.10.2020, 10:42:26

Its lovely

Ruechari guru
26.10.2020, 13:37:03

Kennedy Mwongera, Thank you!

Lauretta Nkaa
24.10.2020, 12:50:26

Good story. More powers to your elbow.

Ruechari guru
24.10.2020, 13:49:28

Lauretta Nkaa, Thank you!

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