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Someone to Watch Over Me


Series: Watch Over

Story about:college, contemporary romance, pregnancy

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#26 in New Adult & College
#400 in Romance

Complete 265 pages

Publication: 15.12.2018 — 27.08.2019
Contests: Campus Romance

Description of book "Someone to Watch Over Me"

For as long as Cat Fischer could remember it was Liam and Cat, Cat and Liam. So in love since High School, neither of them dreamed of attending different universities. Now reaching graduation Cat discovers she's pregnant, and Liam chooses to have nothing to do with her or the baby.

As a favor to a friend Alex Bragin gives Cat a place to stay for the night. However, as he learns more about her situation he wishes to offer her so much more.

Cat is heartbroken. She's grateful for Alex and his offer but through a misunderstanding, she believes him to be in love with her best friend, William.

Will Liam make a mends? Will Cat discover the truth? Will Alex make his intentions clear? To find out you must read. Someone to Watch Over Me. a New Adult, College Romance by Ruechari.


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Naomi Amos
23.10.2020, 19:06:19

I love your book very interesting

Ruechari guru
24.10.2020, 03:49:35

Naomi Amos, Thank you so much!

Damilola Ayinke
22.10.2020, 03:36:20

I love your book.kudos to you

Ruechari guru
22.10.2020, 19:51:01

Damilola Ayinke, Thank you very much!

Sharon Mah Kwankam
20.10.2020, 17:37:44

Alex is a rare gene... beautiful book , so much to learn in it. Thank you dear author ?
I was recommended and yh I loved it!!

Ruechari guru
20.10.2020, 18:10:04

Sharon Mah Kwankam, Thank you and thank the person that recommended this book to you as well. I owe them one : )

Ashu Wahi
14.10.2020, 16:12:27

Amazing story

Ruechari guru
14.10.2020, 16:35:33

Ashu Wahi, Thank you so very much!

Cia Juliett
06.10.2020, 09:28:50

Did not want this novel to end????all stars for you...such an amazing book

Ruechari guru
06.10.2020, 23:58:06

Cia Juliett, Good news for you the story continues with my book Someone To Watch Over You if you have any interest! Thanks for all those stars : )

ngozi chukwunyelu
29.09.2020, 11:43:01


Ruechari guru
03.10.2020, 05:28:20

ngozi chukwunyelu, Thanks!

Maria Bree Ruiz Aesthetic
03.10.2020, 00:51:49

Am so inpressed in this interesting magazine

Ruechari guru
03.10.2020, 05:28:06

Maria Bree Ruiz Aesthetic, I'm glad you liked it.

Oyemekun Omojisola
03.10.2020, 02:52:20


Ruechari guru
03.10.2020, 05:27:53

Oyemekun Omojisola, Thank you!

Eva Zahan
23.09.2020, 13:48:42

I love this book!

Ruechari guru
23.09.2020, 17:03:38

Eva Zahan, Thank you so much!

Alme Kulsoom
13.09.2020, 19:21:56

fantastic book

Ruechari guru
14.09.2020, 00:36:06

Alme Kulsoom, Thank you so much!

Pauline Young
10.09.2020, 07:00:53

Like your story so far

Ruechari guru
14.09.2020, 00:35:58

Pauline Young, Thank you!

Noah Beka
03.09.2020, 20:09:19

This book is amazing and magical and very beautiful

Ruechari guru
04.09.2020, 04:09:14

Noah Beka, WOW, thanks, Noah for such a beautiful compliment! You've made my day!

23.08.2020, 07:48:28

OMG I swear I'm in love with your books already the books are amazing

03.09.2020, 00:25:56

Ruechari, all the best and congratulations keep up the good work

01.09.2020, 13:17:27


Ruechari guru
01.09.2020, 17:36:35

Pinu, Thank you so much!!!

Stephanie Hope
28.08.2020, 17:43:35

Read-worthy book.The plot is amazing and the characters very vivid and indulgent.

Ruechari guru
28.08.2020, 19:24:17

Stephanie Hope, Wow! Thank you for such a wonderful compliment.

23.08.2020, 07:36:04

hi? it's my first time reading this book

Ruechari guru
28.08.2020, 19:23:50

IDontGiveAFuck, Hello. I hope you are enjoying it : )

Adenuga Victoria
23.08.2020, 02:53:23

so interesting

Ruechari guru
23.08.2020, 06:41:06

Adenuga Victoria, Thank you so much!

Sujatha Crafts
06.08.2020, 18:45:57

Oh I hate see this story end waiting eagerly for next to start ?

Ruechari guru
06.08.2020, 18:52:08

Sujatha Crafts, It already has you just need to go to my profile. The next part of the story is called Someone To Watch Over Me... hope you enjoy it as much as you have this one and thanks for reading : )

Dimple Sharma
31.07.2020, 13:15:52

so far good

Ruechari guru
31.07.2020, 19:08:12

Dimple Sharma, Thank you!

Teja Rani
30.07.2020, 17:53:33

Alex got Cat and I got to read their story haha.. nice story

Ruechari guru
30.07.2020, 23:19:32

Teja Rani, Thank you!

27.07.2020, 00:39:46

I love the storyline of this book

Ruechari guru
27.07.2020, 03:50:56

Ndush, Thank you so much!

LeiLa Leviste
26.07.2020, 03:16:47

nice story.

Ruechari guru
26.07.2020, 15:14:17

LeiLa Leviste, Thank you very much!

25.07.2020, 19:45:10

This book is really amazing, i love it i just really can't express with words that how i felt while reading this book, i almost find myself inside the book in some chapters because author has written everyword in the way that it looks so real and i feel each and everything, it's really interesting story, it's simply amazing, worth of given time, and worth of praise.

Ruechari guru
25.07.2020, 19:50:18

Iqra Qasim, You are amazing for taking the time to write this wonderful review of my book. Thank you so much! You've made my weekend!

Cherilee Leroux
15.07.2020, 11:46:44


Ruechari guru
15.07.2020, 12:54:35

Cherilee Leroux, Your comment didn't save.

Anjjna Rai
13.07.2020, 21:45:52

Worth a read.

Ruechari guru
13.07.2020, 22:08:21

Anjjna Rai, Thank you!

Monika Sangwan
12.07.2020, 13:16:25

I really love this book. and I love too read more books like this ❤️

Ruechari guru
12.07.2020, 19:20:25

Monika Sangwan, Anytime and thank you so much for reading : )

Mona Parekh
08.07.2020, 12:52:21

good story

Ruechari guru
08.07.2020, 20:48:57

Mona Parekh, Thank you so much!

Ajoku Fegor
08.07.2020, 04:18:45

I love this book and am definitely looking forward to the next book

Ruechari guru
08.07.2020, 04:47:57

Ajoku Fegor, Well I'm already over 20 chapters into the next story so I hope you enjoy reading it.

Muhammad Ganiev
06.07.2020, 04:08:10

Could you send it's pdf version to me please!?!
Thanks in advance!
My email

Ruechari guru
06.07.2020, 17:49:05

Muhammad Ganiev, I'm afraid this book is not available for PDF download.

Sonia Amos
05.07.2020, 01:25:20

Wow! This is a wonderful love story, I really enjoy reading it.

Ruechari guru
05.07.2020, 05:07:43

Sonia Amos, Thank you. I'm so glad you are enjoying it.

Rowelyn Polosan
03.07.2020, 04:03:52

Sooo soooo nice, I'm old but I feel young again

Ahmed Abdisalan Abdisalan
04.07.2020, 15:53:19

Rowelyn Polosan, Do you want someone to marry you then

Donna Poorai
30.06.2020, 15:05:27

it's really nice I love it

Donna Poorai
01.07.2020, 20:22:56

Ruechari, not a problem

Felista Likunama
22.06.2020, 23:18:37

It's good.hope it exciting :-)

Ruechari guru
30.06.2020, 19:07:57

Felista Likunama, Thank you!

John Blessing Angelina
22.06.2020, 19:54:37

Wow lovely

Ruechari guru
22.06.2020, 20:39:42

John Blessing Angelina, Thank you so much for saying so!

Phoenix Still in ash
21.06.2020, 15:59:18

Beautifully written

Ruechari guru
21.06.2020, 21:04:33

Nikee Singh, Thank you so much!

Maryann Okpechukwu
15.06.2020, 17:15:51


Ruechari guru
15.06.2020, 17:25:56

Maryann Okpechukwu, Thank you!

John Blessing Angelina
11.06.2020, 15:29:09

Is book 2 of someone to watch over you out

Ruechari guru
11.06.2020, 16:41:48

John Blessing Angelina, Yes it is, you can find it on my profile.

Wani Weke
06.06.2020, 00:56:02

is it normal to not be able to get to the next page?

Ruechari guru
06.06.2020, 01:51:30

Wani Weke, No if you are having trouble I would check with support.

Derby Peters
03.06.2020, 22:59:25

I really love this teaches me how love

Ruechari guru
04.06.2020, 21:52:21

Derby Peters, That is an amazing compliment. Thank you!

Andrielli Posso Do Amaral
02.06.2020, 23:19:48

don't have in portuguese?

Ruechari guru
03.06.2020, 04:53:33

Andrielli Posso Do Amaral, I'm sorry. I do not have this story in other languages.

Patsy Cing
28.05.2020, 07:38:45

i really love this.... it gaves me every single details of what love meant.... hope i can read Alex POV as soon as possible

Ruechari guru
28.05.2020, 18:55:12

Patsy Cing, Now that's a comment I can cherish. Thank you! I hope you enjoy the next book as well.

Favour Chiamaka
27.05.2020, 17:19:34

Words can't express how i feel abt this story but nevertheless u are such a wonderful and inspiring author , more knowledge and blessings to u , THANK U RUECHARI FOR YOUR NICE NOVEL AND HEADING OVER TO THE LAST PART OF IT.

Ruechari guru
27.05.2020, 22:14:49

Favour Chiamaka, Thank you so much Favour! You're words inspire me to keep writing. I hope you like then next book just as much.

Heigrujam Sony Leima
22.05.2020, 10:41:48

Phenomenal.. Eagerly waiting for the next chapter. Loved it.

Ruechari guru
22.05.2020, 17:11:51

Heigrujam Sony Leima, This story is complete, but if you've gotten to the end and want more of Cat and Alex then I would like to direct you SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER YOU, the second book in the series that continues the story but from Alex's point of view.

Amaka Ngwu
22.05.2020, 10:55:00

loving it already!

Ruechari guru
22.05.2020, 17:10:41

Amaka Ngwu, Thank you! I hope you continue to enjoy it : )

saff Ranee
20.05.2020, 20:55:22

Just started to read and I already love the story's late now I'll cont tomorrow ❤❤

Ruechari guru
20.05.2020, 21:42:31

saff Ranee, Sweet dreams and thanks for reading ; )

Lhietzkie Larvie
20.05.2020, 01:18:10

wow so excited for the next chapter of ALECAT story...keep up and keep goin.. God bless and more power... till then...

Ruechari guru
20.05.2020, 03:23:08

Lhietzkie Larvie, Thank you so much! Glad to know you are enjoying the story.

Racheal Latchman
19.05.2020, 01:29:35

love this story...great plot twist....didn't c dat 1 coming

Ruechari guru
19.05.2020, 03:13:20

Racheal Latchman, Yeah, there may be a few of those in this story. I'm kinda known for doing that with most of my books. LOL! Thanks for reading and especially for commenting. I love to hear from my readers.

Shanice Burrell
19.05.2020, 00:04:59

But Liam audacious though.

Ruechari guru
19.05.2020, 03:12:16

Shanice Burrell, He really is.

Tracy Brown
18.05.2020, 10:59:24

very nice written story

Ruechari guru
19.05.2020, 03:11:39

Nav Reet, Thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying it. I am working on the sequel now it's just recently been posted do the story continues if you have any interest.

Masum Rahman
17.05.2020, 20:15:34

it's a amazing story...I really love it ..❤️❤️Alex and Cat ...."their romance" ...

Ruechari guru
18.05.2020, 04:56:18

Masum Rahman, Thank you! It continues with Someone To Watch Over You.

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