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Publication: 25.05.2019 — 18.04.2020

Description of book "Stargazers"

Dr. Eric Saunders is summoned by a government he doesn't trust because they need his help. Despite his reservations, it was the end of the world and he was humanity's last hope.


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Lua Meng Soon
07.03.2021, 13:06:51


Nickolas Harbourt
14.12.2019, 21:49:21

great storyline

Jake Youth
13.12.2019, 20:43:26


Cooper Autry
25.09.2019, 10:42:15

Damn. This here is some quality sci-fi. I love the amount of thought you put into this thing, the ships, the opperations, even insinuating the idea that Mars could end up as a dictatorship if left in the wrong hands. All the while the fate of earth remains uncertain.

Now considering that this is likely just a first-draft I don’t feel the need to go too heavy with criticism. But one thing I am noticing is your characters have kind of become less like real characters and more like sock-puppets just explaining the plot. This wouldn’t nessicarily be too difficult to fix if your project were a short story, but from what I can tell I looks like an actual book.

Still, I’m impressed. I read this entire thing in one go. That’s how invested I was. This ship’s got good engines, my friend.

PJ Lowry
27.09.2019, 10:59:44

Cooper Autry, My sincerest thanks for your comments, I found them quite interesting. I understand your thoughts about characters being puppets, but as Jeff Dunham has proven, puppets can be damn fine entertainment. Some characters do flesh out more and find purpose on mars, so I believe you will be satisfied with the follow through. Still glad to hear you're enjoying the story!

Dee Peric
20.09.2019, 21:36:07


Andrew Acton
18.09.2019, 13:44:03

you update very slowly

Andrew Acton
19.09.2019, 18:58:08

PJ Lowry, I'll wait

Celeste I.
18.08.2019, 04:34:25

This is interesting, and a pretty smart take on the whole matter (I think so anyways, I don't know what would not be smart, but I like how it's written here). I'm not sure what the government in real life or I would do in this case, however. I like technology explanations, and how it's all set up, however, I wasn't too fond of the beginning there, seemed too mean-spirited, and Eric, while he had good reasons, did come across as unlikeable at the start.

Now that I think about it, we never learn much about him before he gets called by the government. Just that he was a scientist/doctor, had an awful parent, and had a daughter and ex-wife? That's it? There also doesn't seem to be much development, or even character, so far. I know it's not a coming of age story, but will the characters change in any way during or at the end or something like that? Sorry if it's hard to explain, I'm bad with words.

I do like how you make Eric seem super smart about how the planning is going on, though I'm worried he'll be a flawless character that everyone respects (his daughter is fine with him, despite what the story tells us, though I'm glad we don't got any melodrama on that front so far).

Andrew Acton
19.06.2019, 12:30:36

I don't know what would I do in this case

Douglass Millsap
18.06.2019, 13:31:57

people are shocked

Peter Andrews
25.05.2019, 18:07:54

very nice!

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