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Stay With Me

Geney John

Story about:billionaire arrogance bully secrets

Age restriction: 18+

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Publication: 24.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "Stay With Me"

I stop to catch my breath. I look forward and see a huge attractive duplex,so I run there and ring the doorbell. I wait patiently for the owner to answer. I begin to silently pray as blood drip from my head that the owner of the house is nice. I wait for seconds but it feels like hours. My body seem to be giving up on me as my leg shake and my eyes becomes heavy to open much longer. I hear the door knob twist.

I can't wait any longer, the suspense is gradually killing me. It becomes hard for me to see a thing. The door finally opens.

I sigh and fall to the ground,my body unable to hold up any longer.
Shontelle Uba is hunted by her past. Her past constantly traumatizing her. She is sent to study abroad to escape her painful past.

Find out on the story of love,secret


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Geney John
30.11.2020, 03:20:29

thanks phoenix

Phoenix Newton
29.11.2020, 17:53:59

I wish I could what you do,but I can barely write a Christmas card..I love story,cool suspense