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Staying With The Wicked

Wild Celo

Story about:fantasy, demon love, demon and human

Age restriction: 18+

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#521 in Romantic fantasy

Complete 189 pages

Publication: 15.03.2021 — 02.01.2022

Description of book "Staying With The Wicked"

Laser Santino is the legatee of the hell realm, as an inheritor he must obtain and meet the standard of the hell king, his father. he is a demon with invincible power and chosen to be the run holder than his older brother and because of this difference between them his elder brother secretly plan for his failure and take up Laser`s future position as a king. The demon ascended to the land of human, to know and manipulate them, that`s one of his mission to test if he is capable to have the throne. Meanwhile, at his arrival, the change awaits. What is the possible thing to happen when he will meet a human. Is she able to melt and tame his wrathful monster within and cage it with love? What else is a demons mission? Falling in love also counts? If is,then Alexa Bliss will come in the picture.

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Marissa Fegarido
15.03.2021, 13:10:40

hope im the first to message. your no 1 fan is so eager to read your beautiful story, even if it was only the beginning, i know it will turn to a beautiful story,
always support you!!

Wild Celo
15.03.2021, 14:20:41

Marissa Fegarido, Uwooo. I'm very happy to receive your comment, this really made my day and do my best. I'm thankful to have a supporter like you. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much. Sending hugssss?????

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