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Description of book "Stir My Love"

After battling to break free from her Love addiction to her fiance, Julia never knew she would fall head over heels so quickly with a stranger she met during the vacation she took to get her previous engagement out of her mind.

Despite her plans to keep love and relationship away from her heart for a while, Julia finds herself in a fast magical romance with the CEO of the biggest conglomerate in the country.

Trying harder to guard her heart from being roped into another obsessive love affair, Julia gets tangled in a feud with the most influential family in the country and her decision to open up her heart or to ignore Nicholas Adden's healing touch would determine the future of a young billionaire.

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Bilkis Begum 11.10.2020, 11:52:42

ohh come on when will Julia meet Nicki?

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Elvira Timibra 12.10.2020, 01:12:07

Bilkis Begum, Very soon....very soon

Daphyn Timibra 07.10.2020, 02:54:15

Nice piece; seems really interesting

Elvira Timibra 07.10.2020, 02:43:47

Comment has been deleted

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