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Storm Season

Susan Wingate

Story about:
psychological, family drama, dark


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#247 in Thrillers & Suspense
#109 in Suspense

Complete 11 pages

Publication: 02.02.2019 — 03.02.2019

Description of book "Storm Season"

Meg Storm has stepped in it. After becoming entangled within an industry as nefarious as it is criminal, she gets swept into the lurid world of drugs. After her daughter, Lily, dies from an apparent heroin overdose, and then her husband, Meg has nothing left to lose. She becomes a woman on the hunt. But will she be the hunter? Or, the hunted? Through it all, Meg realizes nothing is ever as it seems.

STORM SEASON shows one woman’s grit needed to deliver thunder on the island, enough to rain down justice on a dangerous few who intend to destroy other people’s lives.

If you enjoy reading books by Karin Slaughter, Gillian Flynn, and Stieg Larsson, you'll enjoy STORM SEASON by Susan Wingate.

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Tiffany Kole 08.02.2019, 20:57:50

is it complete?

Krystal 06.02.2019, 18:18:32

intriguing ...

Marie Thomas 05.02.2019, 12:27:45

that´s all?

Cathy Evans 04.02.2019, 15:01:15

is it a full text?

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