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Book. "Story I Can't Narrate" read online
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Publication: 27.11.2018 — 27.11.2018

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Description of book "Story I Can't Narrate"

Story I Can't Narrate
by Joshua Eze
Pay attention
Let me say something
From street to street
Job to Job
Expression to Impression
My sweat is not worth my meal
not even enough to feed me
I am a Hustler
Hustling not paying
Street Boy
Trying to play legitimate street
In an illegitimate world
Where comes my reward
I just hope Jah remembers me!
For each pennies I get,
Millions of calories has being burnt
No comfort, No motivation, No encouragement
With all my Effort He called me "Lazy"
Yes He - My President
My fears hunting me
In my very Eyes
Life frowns at me
and show me its ugly sides
This is my Story
This is my Dirge
From my Heart of Heart
I just can't narrate it¡¡
by Joshua Eze


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05.12.2020, 16:31:15

it was really a very touching poem. keep your work always up like that

Sanchi Prajapati
15.11.2020, 18:18:23

great poem man

20.09.2020, 12:36:35

that's awesome

This is a very nice poem

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