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Book. "Strange by Mvmanalo" read online

Strange by Mvmanalo


Story about:inspirational, darkromance, scienntifc

Age restriction: 18+

24 72

#42 in Paranormal
#131 in Inspiration romance

Complete 95 pages

Publication: 08.07.2022 — 26.09.2022

Description of book "Strange by Mvmanalo"

I am so drained, like I have nothing to give anymore. My sea of feelings, despair, sadness, dreams, aspirations has sunk in to the hole in the recesses of my soul, broken heart, self, so and I can’t seem to get out of this fit. I am in the middle of myself, a lake, fountain, so dry and exhausted. I feel like I’m sucked and drowning. I couldn’t breathe and couldn’t move. Three people were there beside me, I don’t know whether to help or guide me, but from what? Help, help!!!!, I whispered, then shouted but as if I don’t have a voice to be heard by the crowd. Then, there’s this tiny spark, that light. Like a candle lit from somewhere and sparked continuously from where I was like wild fire. It ignited something inside me to move forward and refill my dried heart to pursue someone, to trust


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