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Publication: 18.05.2021 — 27.05.2021

Description of book "Stubborn Rose"

What happens when the already small affection and love you family shows you suddenly wax cold?

cause of a misunderstanding that happened when she was young, her mother hated her with passion.
Rose was tired of it all, tired of the constant corporatism between her and her older sister Gloria, tired of the way her own mother treats and abuse her. in fact she was tried of her entire family but she could do nothing about it;
even if she wanted to leave, her father wouldn't allow her. she was a notorious, bad as, and stubborn in every sense.
despite the maltreatment from her family and her past, Rose was a strong willed girl and no matter what they do to her, no one will ever break or hurt her again.

but she alone and her dearies, knows the truth of what really happen eight years ago.


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Josie joe
26.04.2022, 17:08:50

Amazing story... love it. next book 2 to continue... :) :)

Josie joe
27.04.2022, 09:13:43

Clara Star, Finished read and love love it. I love Rose characters. please continued writing good story and exciting, thrilling plot. I will waiting for the updates author :) :).. thank you

laxi coll
16.09.2021, 17:08:02

wow... now i get it... i saw the part 2, and i was can of wondering..... i cant wait for her to deal with Vivian

Yvonne Janhi
09.07.2021, 18:26:51

eagerly waiting for part 2

Clara Star
13.09.2021, 17:01:55

Yvonne Janhi, Hi .... The second part is out thats the link
Please do leave a like and comment ur thoughts too.
Tnx u

13.09.2021, 15:06:50

when will the part 2 release?

Clara Star
13.09.2021, 17:00:41

Reshmi, Hi.... It's already out is the link
Do leave a like and comment your thoughts.

Mari AA
11.06.2021, 16:53:35

Looking forward to part 2

Clara Star
11.06.2021, 21:49:06

Mari AA, me too

clara john
04.06.2021, 12:01:56

don't know about anyone i would like a part 2

04.06.2021, 11:36:28

i am hooked

Patience John
21.05.2021, 01:14:22

Another master piece...update pls..
Rose seriously

Clara Star
28.05.2021, 11:33:24

Patience John, i will although there will be a part 2

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