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Sunburned Kisses


Story about:billionaire, billionaire and romance

Age restriction: 18+

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On Hold: 02 Nov 9 pages

Publication: 09.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Sunburned Kisses"

Darius Theodore Davis is a handsome hot billionaire who owns a hotel and restaurant business with worldwide branches. He was entitled as the "walking seduction" by all of the women inside his circle, every woman is dreaming to spend a night with him. Every woman could have wet dreams. He was also endorsed by various famous clothing brands and all he did was to decline and reject the offers, they even offered him millions for a single photoshoot but what would he do with that millions if he already have billions?. He was used to everyone kneeling over him, he was used to the efforts of various international companies proposing something in front of him for partnership but he wasn't use to this kind of woman who stood proudly in front of him with piercing eyes sharply darted onto him.


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