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Sunken Dreamland.

Misha bokyo

Story about:storyoflambandkitten #vampirevsvixen

Age restriction: 18+

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#423 in Mystery
#117 in Romantic mystery

On Hold: 13 Feb 14 pages

Publication: 06.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "Sunken Dreamland. "

One more scar, One more day, One more night,
Filled with thousand flickering lights, masking the mourns of the mother who lost their sons.
Who cares if someone dies.
All that matters is wealth ? over life.
When the lamb meets the kitten, what will the fate behold for them.
Will the lamb end up being prey, or will kitten end up being the prey of lamb.
Millie and Bob were two different personalities, Just a touch caused a beginning of catastrophe. There was a unknown spark of anger mixed with love seen in their eyes. When they meet for the first time in Saint Louis College of arts and literature in Sweden.
Time will heal them or leave them dead.
What will end this beautiful yet painful love story.
Will Millie be end to bushman clan or will she end up being a Dirty vampire like Vogman.


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