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Sunset Glow: Ezekiel

JA Magno

Story about:forbidden love, romance fantasy, demonlove

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#263 in Paranormal Romance
#424 in Romantic fantasy

On Hold: 05 May 13 pages

Publication: 24.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "Sunset Glow: Ezekiel"

Emma’s Brother had awakened from his slumber and trying to live a satisfactory life. As his days pass by, a mysterious mark of Lucifer appeared on his back at the night of no moon, finding out his fate and uncovering his feelings, proved to be more than what he bargained for.

The great demon king Lucifer, reigned the Land of Devildom has received God's signal as the birth of God's strength descended into the world. Deciding to seek the chosen one, he left the Devildom to look for his other half.

A forbidden love between a Vampire and a Demon! With Temptations, Greed and Romance from Lucifer, could Ezekiel accept the fate bestowed upon him?

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27.04.2021, 08:44:42

keep writing! I am liking it already :)

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