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Book. "S.W.A.T (plane 25)" read online

S.W.A.T (plane 25)

A story for everyone

Series: Defenders

Story about:magic, police

12 650

#51 in Epic fantasy
#53 in Action fantasy

Complete 73 pages

Publication: 24.06.2022 — 23.07.2022

Description of book "S.W.A.T (plane 25)"

In the multiverse there lives a world where five samurais known as the Kurigana who defended their world from the Gorrens. However, on another world their lives five officers of an elite police defense force who must now come together as their time had come to defend their own world from a great. They shall face many challenges, face highly strong opponents, and confront turmoil against each other. But if they overcome the obstacles that stand before them then they can save the world.


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