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Story about:this story is about a teenfictional story plot, they are roommates in college

Age restriction: 18+

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Meet Shelby Manners..she's a chearleader..shes American.. the whole package.

After losing the only boy friend, she had.. she thought she lost the man of her dreams..

In High school, she was pretty popular. Now she's in College taking Calculus and Art. Each and every day, she is thinking about him. The boy she thought she loved.

She has a roommate though, since she shares dorms with a boy and his roomates. And he's definitely fiesty.


Max Cordon is known for his abs, special taste, surfing, and football.

After an intense breakup with his previous girlfriend, Ella, who turns out to be Shelby's new best friend. He wants nothing to do with Women..and especially Ella.

But how can he try to stay away from Shelby..when he knows fate needs them?

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