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On Hold: 28 Nov 38 pages

Publication: 30.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Sweetheart"

Douglas Bishop has everything he desires for. His seemingly perfect life is the matter of shiny magazine pages and reality shows. The world is in the palm of his hands.
The key to his happiness however, is tucked away 9 years deep in his past and he's been searching for it ever since.

Dia Sparks and Joe Schmidt have an apparently perfect marriage. They are the beacon of love and happiness and perfection. They stir envy and and admiration in everyone they meet.
But is everything as perfect as it seems?

Read to find out what happens when two seemingly perfect worlds collide and sweethearts crash into eachother.

CW- Themes of violence and abuse are discussed at some points in the book. Warnings will be issued at the beginning of the concerned chapters. Reader discretion is advised.


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