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Alex Scrivenor

Series: Khan Deabru Series

Story about:betrayal, demons, depression

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Description of book "Tarot"

I used to believe that the world was worth saving, that magic could only be good, and that whatever came my way, no matter what, I'd be able to save it. Can you believe that shit?!
Turns out, I'm only able to see everyone die ('less I kill them), and also, but not less important, hurt every single person who wants to be close to me. So please, for fuck's sake, cousin, tell me why is the Organization worth anything? Why did George have to die? Why should I even bother with you?
Still, falling from the Empire State, I can tell you this with certainty: I will make the entire world burn, and you won't even see it coming.
Hope you had a nice time with Owen, though.

"It's my turn to make them suffer" I said [...] "It's their turn to be scared".

Book 2
Khan Deabru Series

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Alex Scrivenor 11.07.2020, 21:50:25

Miracle Ojealero, Thanks! Hope you do stick around for the entire mess this Tree is going to be! Not just for the Khan Deabru Series
Good Luck!!!

Miracle Ojealero 11.07.2020, 13:27:31

please update It today, it's Saturday already☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

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Miracle Ojealero, Chapters come out at 17 hrs (5pm) US central time :3

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