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Tauntlee Adventures: Twin Troubles


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On Hold: 23 Feb 115 pages

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Description of book "Tauntlee Adventures: Twin Troubles "

Our world is full of ruins that were once our greatest buildings, of magical items and impossible creatures. This is the story of our lives. We are the Tauntlee twins and these are our hardships that we had to face to try to save the ones we love.

This is a story of heroic fantasy, these eighteen year olds will go through an amazing journey to stop the bad guys while learning to be a family.


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Celeste I.
23.11.2019, 10:13:03

Ok, punctuation could use some work. Too many sentences with the words 'he' and 'she,' it's hard to tell which character we're watching or who's doing action what at the moment. It's hard to focus, in my opinion. That being said, the story is unpredictable and interesting so far.

I'm intrigued by Aurora's side of the story, not so much Bobby's so far. Some characters have the potential to be interesting, some I don't care for, and some I feel are missed opportunities to be something better.

Curious where the story will go from here, and I hope the two leads can have a great connection and chemistry, it has been building up for quite a while now, here's hoping it improves as the story goes on.

Clayton Terrel
03.12.2019, 18:22:40

Celeste I., you are right, too much "he" usage

02.11.2019, 04:14:22

I had to change the last sentence in chapter ten due to a error on my part.

Dorian Early
29.10.2019, 20:57:53

eagerly waiting for more

02.11.2019, 01:28:26

Dorian Early, I’m glad your enjoying it so far

Tom Angry
02.11.2019, 00:40:38


02.11.2019, 01:27:43

Tom Angry, Thanks for reading

Andrew Acton
19.09.2019, 19:06:05


29.10.2019, 01:26:29

Andrew Acton, This last one took longer then I thought it would, sorry.

Katie Von
18.09.2019, 12:29:47

very elaborated idea

20.09.2019, 01:23:54

Katie Von, Thanks I hope you enjoy the rest.

25.08.2019, 06:49:45

Hey everybody, how are you liking the new chapters. As a writer I’m always trying to improve so if you see anything that you think could be Improved on. Let me know below.

Monica Spener
29.08.2019, 18:57:20

L.S.Morris, I will inform you if I find something

Celeste I.
17.08.2019, 05:49:02

Dang, that was an intense prologue. For something so simple as 'The death of the mother figure', there was a lot going on and was well executed. I liked Jim and Mac, I know they're not main characters, but I kind of hope they come back later on (I doubt it, but what's up with the golden eyes? Is the father character alive? How is he doing that?). The mother has some intrigue to her as well, before and after she dies (that part where they tried to clean her wounds and get the babies out made me uncomfortable though, as they typicall would).

And there's mysteries right off the bat. Why do some of the character's have this ability to change a person's body with the eye colors? Is the golden eyes one from the father? How is he doing that if he isn't real? If he is, then where is he? Why does the figure want Jill dead? Why did he take one of the babies? To raise into a killer to betray the other group and join his league? To take her away from what he believes are the bad guys (due to another tragic backstory) and spew misleading info regarding them (trying to save her life from her parents like he claims)?

I'm probably thinking too deep into this, but I do like the premise.

Celeste I.
17.08.2019, 08:33:47

L.S.Morris, You're welcome, I look forward to seeing where this goes~

Roza Csergo
12.08.2019, 12:20:22

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Joe Marh
11.08.2019, 14:37:23

now, the question is: when will I read the 1st chapter?

12.08.2019, 00:07:37

The 17th

Ashley Lewel
10.08.2019, 09:35:02

Nice prologue

11.08.2019, 08:16:25

Thank you so much