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On Hold: 04 Apr 24 pages

Publication: 04.04.2020 — ...

Description of book "Teachers Pet"

Sixteen-year-old Alex Cole sits in the back seat of a police patrol car admiring the conflagration consuming the Cole Family Funeral Home. A shadow beside him coalesces into the shape of a tall lanky man in silhouette. Alex pays it no attention, as he pulls at his stained, torn, frayed, and scorched clown costume.

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Corrine Couey
07.04.2020, 18:15:20

the story is unusual, but you should change the cover ?

Roger Alderman
07.04.2020, 22:58:48

Corrine Couey, Thank You I will it was just a place holder cover. My cover artist is ... understandably... distant atm.

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